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Investing with us makes ‘cents’ and being a member has its advantages.

Saving Together for Financial Self Sufficiency is not just our motto here at SJCCU – it’s our way of life. We emphasise the importance of savings to our members as it is the foundation to achieving financial well-being. We pride ourselves on delivering stability, quality financial services and peace of mind to all our members.

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When you open an account at SJCCU you are not just a member you are the owner. Investing in your financial institution helps to secure its capital base and your money. It allows your Credit Union to offer better services and rates to you. Investing with us makes ‘cents’ and being a member has its advantages.

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Minors (under 14 years old)

Child’s Birth Certificate, Two (2) pieces photo, identifications of Parent, Parents Job Letter, Proof of Address.

Adults (18 years and older)

Two (2) pieces photo identifications (including passport), Proof of address, Job letter from Employer or, Persons who are self-employed must A copy of your Original Business Registration Certificate, Minimum Deposit $225.00

Seniors (60 years and older) Requirements

Two (2) pieces photo identifications,(including passport) Proof of address, Original Pension Letter from Social Security or Treasury, Minimum Deposit $225.00

Businesses, Groups and Associations

2 pieces of Government issued ID (Passport and any other), Proof of address, Certificate of Registration from the Intellectual Property & Commerce Office, Documentation of source of income, Minimum Deposit $500.00

Incorporated Companies

2 pieces of Government issued ID for each signatory (Passport and any other), Proof of address, Certificate of Incorporation, Company By-laws and Articles of Incorporation, Resolution authorising opening of the account, Resolution appointing signatories, Information on Directors/beneficial owners of company, Documentation of source of income for signatories, Minimum Deposit $500.00

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